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Our Story

Heyyy!  I'm Michele- welcome to my dream, where things I never thought were possible are actually happening (like meeting amazing women, who grow from customers to friends and finding clothes that actually FIT and I love wearing! WHAT?!)

Not only am I navigating this whole small business thing, but I'm also 9 years into figuring out how the heck to do the MOM thing to three amazing boys, run a household, be a...decent...wife HAHA and not fall asleep in the process. Whew. I'm tired already. 

You might know this feeling: I've always been curvy and mom life added a little extra love to me :) I quickly realized, moving from a 14/16 pre-pregnancy to an 18/20 after those cute babies, that the clothing world shrunk exponentially (BTW- the average American woman is over a size 16. Why do clothing brands stop there? Ridiculous.) Not only did I have, well, almost nowhere to pick from, but the choices I did have consisted most of styles way too old (I see you couch print floral) or way too young for me (talking to you corset crop top). Now- if you're curvy and you love a great crop, by all means, crop away! I love to love my body, in all its greatness, capability and refusal to flat out just give up on me (even when I've run on 3 hours of sleep since my 9 year old was born) but my life requires a certain ease of wear, paired with cute and comfy. (I always say if "feels like pajamas, looks cute" was a style, well, my style would have a name.)

So I set out to create not only a place with seriously snag-it-now styles, but also soft fabrics, flattering fits and the kicker, an environment where its okay to just be real. To be around people who seriously just GET IT. A place where you buy plus size clothing....from a plus size owner....that you see on plus size bodies! (Instead of a size small telling you something is true to size having no clue what your body requires for a good fit!)

Welcome to Styled by Stacked: our online shop of throw it on and go, feel comfy-look cute treasures solely for my plus size beauties. 

I am here to hand select items I would gladly put on and wear proudly. I'm here to build your trust in my knowledge of your body and the extra love it sometimes takes to find an outfit that simply WORKS. I know, if you're anything like me, you're busy, you're bending and chasing, and barely taking time for yourself. I'm here to make it simpler (and maybe even enjoyable) to feel GOOD about you and the curves you're in! Give that body the love and credit it deserves! We love your curves. And we think you should too!

XOXO, Michele
XOXO, Michele