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Cami Strap Long Tank

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These are the favorite item of our Stacked beauties!

Tired of searching for that perfect underlayer? The one that doesn't roll, doesn't shrink in length, smooths you out (without being a full shaper), and even better- its LONG and covers all the important parts?!

Meet the Stacked Long Tanks!

These are a one size item and fit to a size 26/28! These don't tend to roll up on most bodies, with the honest exception of bodies that are much (MUCH) smaller waisted, while dramatically fuller in the hips and bottom

This cami strap version offers a thin strap, has a low (about at the bra strap) back and a long length (even for maternity!!). The first time you wear your tank, please expect it's a bit of a stretch to get it on- but don't be scared! Once you're in there, you'll wonder how you ever dressed without it! They will begin to give to your unique shape with wear- they don't stretch out but they do let go a little where you need it and they get easier to put on the more times you wear them! 

Lots of our beauties love to wear these dropped down to utilize the length (hello being able to bend over without worry!) I personally scrunch mine about halfway down my bottom for under a typical top. You can also wear it pulled all the way down under dresses or skirts, or tucked in. These are a perfect fabric for not sticking- cotton camis tend to stick so if your top layer rises up, so does your tank. These will stay put, separate from your outer layer top.

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