Yasmin Yarn Dyed Plaid Ruana

Stay warm and cozy with the Yasmin Yarn Dyed Plaid Ruana. This ultra-soft piece provides a no-itch factor softness and fringed edges that will keep you looking stylish and feeling snug. Perfect for game day or a chill day outdoors, this is like a wearable blanket that'll have you pairing it with jeans or leggings for a laid-back look! Who knew staying warm on a cool day could look this good? (It's almost too good!)

A ruana is like a kimono but instead of a sewn sleeve opening, these are open sided with 2 panels in front and one in back to simply toss on and go

 Our One Size Ruanas feature a poncho fit, and a relaxed and lightweight vibe, fitting XL-5X!