Material World Denim Shacket

Shackets have filled our newsfeeds in the past few months; you pretty much can't go anywhere without seeing one in some form or another. Some love the term, and some, well, some would prefer we call them a shirt and be done with it. No matter what, you refer to them as we adore them. Maybe we love them so much because there are no rules for them. They come in all shapes, all sizes, and all unique, kind of like us. Whether you call them a lightweight jacket, a shacket, or just a shirt, this fabulous piece is the best of all worlds. 
    • 100% Cotton
    • Medium weight, but still soft
    • Functional buttons
    • Chest and side pockets
    • Button, cuffed sleeve with interior fabric detail
    • Rounded hem
    • No stretch
    • Fits true to size for the perfect layering.. can size down for more fitted or up for a boxier boyfriend fit!

    Clothing Measurements:

    1XL:  Chest: 48" Length: 29"
    2XL:  Chest: 50" Length: 30" 
    3XL: Chest: 52" Length: 30"


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